International Overseas Mortgages

•         Fully independent with more lenders and more choice

•         Access to competitive and creative lending terms to suit our clients needs

•         Pre-qualification of application at no cost

•         We take the hassle out of chasing lenders overseas

•         Strong understanding of lenders needs and how to achieve success quicker


deVere Mortgages’ key objective is to match competitive rates to a high level of personal service for customers who wish to finance their overseas property with an overseas mortgage. It is essential to understand there are considerable differences between overseas mortgages and the more traditional option of raising finance on UK properties.

When arranging an overseas mortgage there are many potential pitfalls which can leave you at risk if you have not taken the appropriate advice from experts. You can be assured that you are in safe hands with deVere Mortgages’ Specialist International Mortgages team. We have swathes of years’ experience in the overseas financial services market, so we are more than qualified to guide you through every stage of the mortgage process. As one of the leading independent overseas mortgage brokers, we are able to offer you exclusive deals that are unavailable through the conventional channels and which offer more competitive rates than those publicised by the main lenders. Our experts have first-hand knowledge of International Overseas mortgages and will process an application swiftly and efficiently.

The current overseas market dictates a need to be more vigilant to ensure you will have full decisions to avoid disappointment, and also to provide you with a stronger bargaining position. Whether you are at an early enquiry stage or have already found a property, please take the time to contact us for a loan illustration. In order to meet the different lending criteria of the countries covered, we have to ask you to provide us with detailed information including your current financial situation.

Mortgage Considerations

Buying a second home abroad is now a dream that many people are turning into a reality. With the property market blooming in response to increasing demand in a growing number of countries, there has never been a better time to find a desirable holiday home at an affordable price.

To provide you with the expert advice that buying property overseas requires, our Specialist International Mortgages team boast fluency in several languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German, and Portuguese and, in addition, an in-depth knowledge of the markets of France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the USA, amongst others.

Language and cultural barriers can, not surprisingly, deter people from going ahead with a mortgage for property abroad but in reality, the process can be quite straightforward – as long as you have access to the specialist knowledge that our team can provide you with. Every country has different laws relating to property and if you are not aware of the rules affecting your chosen area, you can find yourself with problems. Our team’s expertise will ensure that not only is your mortgage the best deal available, but also that there are no loose ends or unticked boxes that could jeopardise the success of your purchase.

At deVere, we understand that choosing the right insurance provider can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are new to a country, language and legal system. deVere Mortgages has been established since 2002, originally covering the Spanish market during the property boom and now cover your general insurance needs worldwide. We have developed a range of relationships with specialist expatriate insurers, and our experienced customer service advisers can provide you with the assistance you need to ensure you and your family get the cover you deserve.

We have a wide selection of international plans available which are provided by worldwide international insurance companies. We believe in quality over quantity and have therefore only selected the best expatriate health insurance providers to represent. We provide a range of quality individual plans and tailor-made international healthcare schemes for corporate groups, with one common feature: all plans offer exceptional value for money combined with comprehensive benefit packages.

Our free consulting service will help you choose from the many international healthcare plans on the market and ultimately select the one which best suits your own particular circumstances. The premiums you pay will be the same as going directly to the provider (in some cases they might be less) but most importantly, you will have the benefit of choice and our impartial advice on the various international health insurance plans to assist you in selecting the right policy for you and your family.