Success Stories

Please find some of our recent success stories below.

  •     We had a first time buyer, landlord residing and working in Australia previously overlooked by all lenders; deVere Mortgages took over the case and the mortgage was successfully placed and completed in a short period of time. Our client is now looking to further invest in another property.
  •     An existing property holder, who lives and works in Hong Kong re-mortgaged their property to release further capital, so that they could successfully purchase a new IP Global property.
  •     A new deVere client approached deVere Mortgages having sourced our services via the internet to successfully raise capital on his UK property to buy a residential property in Switzerland.
  •     A client based in South Africa with an existing property portfolio spanning France, Canada, Dubai; wanted to purchase 3 other properties within the UK and Australia. deVere Mortgages were able to help this client, and so far, the first mortgage has been successfully approved and the remaining 2 properties are due to follow shortly. These are expected to complete early 2016.
  •     New client approached deVere Mortgages directly after being declined by his existing bank due to working in Bosnia. deVere Mortgages we able to arrange a mortgage, and this was places and agreed within 48 hours and subsequently offered by the lender. Our client is now due to complete on his property in late July 2015.
  •     A client disappointingly lost their dream property to an alternative offer in 2011 due to being an expat. Four years later the same property returned to the property market and after tense negotiation and reassurance with both the agent and vendor, deVere Mortgages managed to arrange this mortgage. Our client is now a very proud owner.
  •     A client approached deVere Mortgages a few weeks ago, having been previously advised that he was unable to purchase the remaining equity in his property due to his residency status in Qatar. The clients’ mortgage has now been agreed enabling him to finalise the purchase.
  •     A first time buyer came to deVere Mortgages wanting to buy a commercial property on the same industrial estate to where they currently trade from. The net effect being the client has now secured their own premises plus 6 other units and are currently expanding their premises to increase their potential earnings and their overall business proposition moving forward. Not only have they been able to purchase the commercial property which they currently wanted, but with the increase in their rental income from the additional 6 units, they anticipate repaying the total loan within 5 years.
  •     Client was previously not able to secure a mortgage due to him being self employed with a company base outside of the UK. deVere Mortgages secured this mortgage after investigating all the clients options and the mortgage will now complete within the next 2 weeks.
  •     A client based in Oman nearing the completion of a mortgage received unexpected news that he was unable to complete on his mortgage due to the condition of his new property. This was a mortgage he had previously arranged himself before approaching deVere Mortgages. With our help he was able to secure finance on his existing assets within the UK to enable him to complete in time to secure his new project.
  •     A solicitor based in Dubai was looking to return to the UK within the next 2 years but was unable to secure finance to enable his family to return early whilst he continued to work overseas. With the help of deVere Mortgages he was able to secure a “Decision in Principle” for mortgage lending which has enabled him to identify a new family home and place an offer which has now been accepted. We are now working with him and his family to complete on the purchase.
  •     A Legal Counsel based in Abu Dhabi was due to exchange contracts on a property within 15 day of initially contacting deVere Mortgages. Due to his extremely tight deadline we invested the additional time to enable him to meet this and secure funding to complete later in the year on his purchase.
  •     deVere Mortgages came across an expat living in Switzerland and receiving their salary in CHF. His wife and son are living in the UK, and both husband and wife are currently renting. They have decided that they would like to purchase a property in the UK for the wife and son to live in whilst he continues to work overseas. The purchase price was £655,000, mortgage was secured for £430,000 at 3.5% interest rate for 5 years.
  •     deVere Mortgages recently dealt with a Dutch national living and working in Switzerland with a buy to let property in the UK. Client was paying standard variable rate at 4.5%. deVere Mortgages managed to re-mortgage his property with a secured fixed rate for 2 years at 3.79%.
  •     deVere Adviser working in Western Europe, paid in euros, recently purachsed a property in the UK for his family to live in. deVere Mortgages managed to arrange a 85% loan to value mortgage, secured a 5 year fixed rate of 3.54%.
  •     deVere Mortgages completed a mortgage offer for a 63 year old with a terminal illness to purchase a bungalow for him, his wife and 2 children. Our client is retired due to ill health and has only one pension income to rely on. Nationwide offered a mortgage, after a long struggle, and the client has been able to secure the home where he will spend the rest of his days.